Reaching out to the

People of Payatas

Extending God’s love, mercy and salvation to people that are hopeless!

The Purpose

The purpose of Payatas Baptist Church (PBC) is to preach th e Gospel to all of Payatas. It is to reach every single person in Payatas.

It would be more than boastful to say we will save people. We are fully aware that salvation comes through the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. However as children of God and His desire that we should participate in His work, we will use all the gifts, knowledge and abilities as well as opportunities that He will give us so that we may perform that work.

The Situation:

Payatas is a place that had a great influx of poor and displaced people who started to populate the area in the 1970’s. They moved close to the Garbage dump.

Entire families worked side by side to extract any salable items from the garbage dump just to be able to buy some rice to eat. They live in squalor and many times the children miss going to school because they are needed to help make money for food. You could see a five year old patrolling the dirty streets, carrying a sack over his shoulder in which to put whatever recyclables he could find.

The Objective is to reach these people with the Gospel so that…

they will have eternal life as well as a better life on this earth. The methods are few. Hungry people need food and those without Christ are in need of spiritual food. So there are times when we have feeding programs where they can get both physical and spiritual food.

Music Ministry – We get kids back into school, however, some of these classes have as many as 80 children so the members of PBC have committed to teach/tutor these children so they excel in their work and its working. We also teach English something that is not done well in the schools today. Why teach English? Because at the very least, someone who is articulate in English can get a good paying job at a call center.

We teach music. We have about 40 musicians who now play violins, guitars, flutes, recorders, keyboard, ukuleles, and harmonica. It has been said that those who are involved with music have a 50% better chance to graduate College. It is because music is a discipline and teaches discipline and those who are disciplined are more likely to succeed. Also, once poor children see that they have the ability to make beautiful music, they then believe there are no limitations on what they can do.

VBS Payatas – We have had camp for kids, medical missions, medical clinics, VBS, outdoor outreaches and on and on. Everything we have done here in Payatas has been documented since our beginning in 2006 up to the present. If you go to our site:, you will see our monthly reports. Additionally, on the top right hand side you will see a link to photographs where we have thousands documenting the work here.

The results are outstanding.

Thousands have heard the word of God. Nearly every single person in our Church professes Christ as his/her Saviour. They all have the ability to relate the Gospel to others and they do. We have three different outreach programs:

1) Saturday door knocking where we average 50-60 people every Saturday,
2) we have two by two teams who go out once a week to bring the Gospel to a home and then set up a ten week study for that house and their neighbors, and
3) we also have personal visitation where we visit those parents of children or those who have missed church.